Pay tips with a bank card

straight into the bank accounts of serving staff


Tipit means happy employees and satisfied customers


Additional income

More than 50% of restaurant and bar payments are made by card. Tipit offers the opportunity to receive tips transparently from diners who do not have cash to hand.

Satisfied customers

Usually, customers do not leave tips if they do not have cash. Make them happy by offering the opportunity to tip using their bank card.

No additional accounting

Tipit does not require integration with bookkeeping or time-sheet records. Tips go directly to the server’s personal bank account and, as a consequence, are not subject to payroll taxes.


Bar and waiting staff are coming back to work

Bar and waiting staff were among those who suffered the most during the pandemic. In collaboration with the Carlsberg Group, we encourage you to visit your favourite bar or restaurant and try a new way of thanking and supporting our serving staff.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the tipping infrastructure and safety is ensured by the SEB bank and Wordline. We are also monitored by financial institutions and tax regulators.

Terminal rental costs €40/month per terminal.

On average, one terminal can collect €650 a month in tips.

Tips can range from €0.50 to a maximum of €40 in one transfer.

Tips are subject to personal income tax only.

Yes, we can send a transaction receipt if the customer requests it. Should this be required, please email us.

Customers can tip with Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards. Apple Pay and Google Pay can also be used.

Tips can be given personally with one employee receiving the full amount. Tips can also be shared among all employees in a shift. Every bar/restaurant can pick the tip distribution system based on their own policy and change settings later if required.

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